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Wondering what's going on here? Confused on why you aren't seeing clothing examples from your Business Casual search? Read on to find the answers.

  • Q: What is this place?
  • A: You've stumbled upon my webcomic, Business Casual. I started the comic in 2003 after spending a day long video conference meeting doodling various coworkers of mine. Finding drawing enjoyable and having years of office experience to supply the gags, I put together some comics as a side project on a humor site that I was running at the time. After a few months, I moved the comic to its own home here at
  • Q: Why did you choose that web address?
  • A: Because most of the good domain names are already taken. Levi's owns, and I didn't feel like paying hundreds of dollars for the domain campers on some of the other forms of the domain name. If you hate hyphens and .net extensions, you can also access the site through
  • Q: So, am I not going to find any information on clothes here?
  • A: Sure. Go to the mall and buy some Dockers stain resistant khakis. They're affordbable, hold up pretty well, and they're fairly comfortable. Then, get some Vans shoes. They are heaven unto feet and most workplaces won't mind including them in their definition of business casual.
  • Q: Are you trying to get free stuff by name dropping?
  • A: Sorta. If I thought I would get free shoes, I'd slap a Vans link right on the home page. I've been wearing them for years.
  • Q: Why didn't you give any shirt advice?
  • A: I didn't give any underwear advice either. I'm not your mother. If you can't dress yourself without a strict play-by-play manual, you're going to lose your job to a robot soon anyway.
  • Q: So who are you?
  • A: My name is Joe Combs, and I've worked in some form of the computer industry for about 8 years. I have a miniscule measure of artistic ability, and these crude drawings are my expression of it.
  • Q: You haven't had real art training have you?
  • A: We both know I haven't. Look around. This isn't the Guggenheim.
  • Q: Guggenheim sounds funny, doesn't it?
  • A: I know. That's why I used it.
  • Q: So is this comic a sneak peek into your life?
  • A: Barely. Some of the characters are loosely based on those original coworkers I doodled. Other characters are just loose interpretations on people with whom I've interacted throughout my career. Pete is somewhat based on me, but I'm much weirder in real life.
  • Q: Dear God...How?
  • A: My Mom dropped me as a baby. She says it was an accident, but I don't believe her.
  • Q: I feel I know too much about you and this site now. I just wanted some pictures of how I should dress for my new job. Can I go?
  • A: Sure, but you really should read the comic. At times, it can be funny.
  • Q: Why? Isn't it basically Dilbert?
  • A: No. Dilbert makes Scott Adams a lot of money while I have yet to break even here. There also aren't any talking animals here.
  • Q: Ok, I read them, and they weren't that bad. When does the next one come out?
  • A: Currently, I'm updating on a bi-weekly schedule with a new comic every Monday and Friday. I'll start updating more frequently if either (a) I get more readers or (b) I gain the ability to do the comics in half the time.
  • Q: Last question. Who provides your hosting?
  • A: BlueHost. The service is pretty good and you can multiple domains on one account for under $10 a month. Check them out if you're in the market for hosting.
  • Q: Thanks for your time, but I gotta go surf other portions of the web now.
  • A: You're welcome. Just be sure to visit Business Casual again soon.


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