February 27, 2013
This wasn't the original comic that I created for today, but I didn't really feel that the first comic was good enough to be my next to last comic for Business Casual. So I came up with this bit of meta humor instead.

Now, I don't feel that Business Casual was actually a waste of my time. Would I have liked it to be more successful? Of course. But in the end, the comic just wasn't (a) good enough or (b) lucky enough to get a strong following. You can pick which option you want to believe. But I did learn a lot while creating this comic, and it even helped me obtain some jobs in the real world.

So do I have anything at all planned for the future of Business Casual? While there won't be new comics on the site, I do plan to maintain the site for the foreseeable future. There's still a lot of content on the site that I'm proud to show to people. And new readers can still have fun strolling through the years of comics on the site.

I'm also planning on putting together a couple more collected editions of Business Casual into book form at some point in the future. I don't have any big plans for these books, but it's something that I'd like to have for future conventions and for my own personal collection.

So only one more comic to go for Business Casual. Let's meet here Friday and wrap this thing up.

In case anyone wants some bonus content, here's the original comic that I had prepared for today - Original.


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